Canal Digital lanserar HDTV via bredbandet

Canal Digital lanserar HDTV via bredbandet
– Nu får IPTV-abonnenter möjlighet att se högupplöst TV

Den första maj lanserar Canal Digital HDTV via bredbandet. Efter att ha genomfört
tester i utvalda nät under en tid tar TV-operatören nu steget över till en bred
kommersiell lansering av HDTV via IPTV.

– Vårt fokus är HDTV och det känns därför särskilt bra att nu kunna erbjuda HDTV på
samtliga våra plattformar: satellit, kabel och nu också IPTV, som dessutom har
blivit en allt mer populär distributionsform säger Mats Almgren, VD på Canal

Canal Digital samarbetar idag med 50 stadsnät och kommunikationsoperatörer som
samtliga kommer att distribuera HDTV via sina fibernät och som tillsammans har
möjlighet att distribuera IPTV till över 200 000 hushåll.

De HDTV-kanaler som kommer att lanseras för IPTV inledningsvis är SVT HD, Canal+
Film HD och Canal+ Sport HD.

HDTV i samtliga nät
Canal Digital påbörjade tester av HDTV via bredbandet redan i november 2007 och nu
lanserar bolaget HDTV via IPTV på bred kommersiell basis.

– Utmaningen har varit att säkra hela den tekniska kedjan. Efter en längre tids
tester av såväl infrastruktur som kundens utrustning har vi nu en kvalitet som vi är
nöjda med och som innebär att vi nu kan lansera HDTV via IPTV i samtliga nät som vi
samarbetar med säger Karl-Gustav Niska, teknisk direktör på Canal Digital.

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  1. I’ve been researching HDTVs for the past couple of years, and I finally took the plunge when I found a great deal on a 42″ Westinghouse LCD back in May. I thought it was a great set… for about 2 weeks. The color would shift noticeably when you moved more than 30 degrees off center. Then the digital tuner started to go.

    Since then I’ve been through 3 more LCDs and one Plasma before I decided that the Panasonic G10 was the way to go. My problem with the LCDs is I am just not happy with the off-angle shift in the black level. When you’re sitting head on, LCDs can look great, but as soon as you move off center, you can see the black is not consistent across the screen. This is especially apparent when you are watching a movie with the black bars across the top and bottom. Plasmas are not subject to this issue and plasmas have deeper blacks. This makes a HUGE difference (to me) when watching movies.

    The other plasma I had was the Panasonic 42px14 (). I returned it, however, as it had a few issues that kept it from being great (overscan, slow channel editing, etc), and I wanted a 1080p set.

    The G10 was a great fit, because I needed a 42″ or 46″ set and the 1080p as well as the great review on CNET. I bought the G10 through the Amazon Warehouse Deals, and got a screaming good deal (saved about $200) and got a better deal than the S1 (the set just below the G10). The only downside I can see to taking this route is that since I purchased the set, the prices have risen significantly (almost by $200) through the same Amazon Warehouse Deals. I guess you just need to be patient and wait for them to drop again. I don’t feel like the prices should fluctuate that wildly. It just feels too opportunistic. Yeah, yeah, I’m well aware of supply and demand, but at some point it just becomes an excuse to abuse trust.

    But that has nothing to do with the quality of this set. And back to that point, I am extremely satisfied with this tv set. The image really looks sharp and even standard definition is watchable. People complain about the speakers on all flat panel tvs, but I’ve found these ones to work great for casual viewing. Just nudge up the bass to about +5.

    My recommended settings are going to be in more of a range, since this completely depends on your viewing environment. But here’s what I think looks great.
    Use Custom setting
    Drop the Contrast to somewhere between 55 and 65.
    Raise Brightness up to between 56 and 64. Really, just raise it until you notice the black level start to lighten up, then drop it back a notch or two.
    Drop the Color back to about 40-46.
    Reduce Tint to about -5.
    I just left Sharpness as is (75, since I don’t see any bothersome artifacts on the screen).
    Everything else I pretty much left at default.

    Ok, what else do you need to know?
    Burn-in / Image retention? Not an issue with these sets. Temporary Image Retention can happen, but it’s easy to remove, and if you keep the contrast where I mentioned (lower than 75 at least), it shouldn’t really ever be an issue. I’ve never seen it in the 2+ weeks I’ve had this set.

    Plasma Gases Leaking? Come on, you aren’t really going to buy into that myth are you? Nothing but urban legend junk, guaranteed… even if you do claim you have a friend who had to get his plasma set recharged (psst… you’re friend got taken).

    High Energy Usage? If you tame the contrast to around where I’ve mentioned above, you’ll see energy usage that is very similar, if only a tiny bit higher than the same size LCDs. Seriously, we’re only talking a difference of maybe a couple bucks a month (at most) in energy costs.

    So… if you’re still on the fence, then get off it! Prolonged fence sitting is going to hurt your posterior and make it hard to walk straight.