Dreambox: Uppdateringar för Newnigma 2.3

Nya uppdateringar tillgängliga för Newnigma v2.3.

* enigma2_2.6git20090109 –> changes look here:http://git.opendreambox.org/?p=enigma2.git;a=summary
* dreambox-dvb-modules –> new dm8000 driver. Now supports framerate change and progressive detection from mediaplayer.
* enigma2-plugin-newnigma2-systeminformation –> small fixes in HDD menu
* enigma2-plugin-newnigma2-menu –> long green button changes aspect ratio(beta)
* enigma2-plugin-extensions-webinterface_2.6cvs20090110-r0 –> New Webinterface
* enigma2-plugin-extensions-epgrefresh_2.6cvs20090110 –>small fixes
* enigma2-plugin-extensions-autotimer_2.6cvs20090110 –>small fixes
* e2fsprogs-e2fsck –>fix hdd init on dm7025
* base-files_3.0.14-r60_dm7025 –>fix hdd init on dm7025
* initscripts-opendreambox_1.0-s15 –>fix hdd init on dm7025
* libdreamdvd0_1.0cvs20090103 –>by seddi:implement angle reporting and switching
* libdvdnav_1.1.12 –> fix in subtitiling
* enigma2-plugin-extensions-dvdplayer–>support for new libdreamdvd0 features
* tuxbox-tuxcom-32bpp_1.16 –> now works on dm8000

newnigma2 team

During update, update process ask you to keep your /etc/fstab or replace with new one. Please install new one on dm7025. All other boxes you can keep your fstab.