Ny Gemini 4.1 släpps nu till helgen.

And here we go again. Gemini E2 goes to Version 4.1

In the night from Saturday to Sunday we will release the 3 versions for the DM800, DM7025 and DM8000.

We would be glad, if you join the release und post your feedback at the IHAD-Board. Here the most important changes and fixes:


* File-Manager extended (Information, display and favourites). It´s now eaysier to achieve, simply press BLUE-RED

* In the channel list, the distance between the stations and the actual EPG event can be changed by yourself (BP-> Settings-> General)

* At Dreamnetcast and the jukebox you can chose the background

* Menu´s extra/settings seperated. BP has partly new construction (Addons are now at BP-> Settings to find)

Fix + Update:

* Formatting the Harddisk

* Dreamnetcast, Jukebox

* see CVS