Sony belönas med fyra utmärkelser för Bästa produkt

Sony har återigen belönats av EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) – Europas största redaktionella multimediaorganisation. Totalt har Sony tilldelats fyra utmärkelser för Bästa produkt.

BRAVIA KDL-55HX920: European LCD TV of the year 2011-2012
HX920 gör det enkelt att se vad du vill, när du vill, tack var den kombinerade internetkapaciteten och filmupplevelsen. Intelligent Peak LED ger livfulla kontraster, och Motionflow XR800 visar skarpa rörelser. HX920 håller hög kvalitet i såväl 2D som 3D tack vare X-Reality PRO.

EISA-juryns motivering
”This beautiful piece of furniture looks good even when the set is turned off and is clearly designed to fit into the modern hi-tech home. The perfect viewing angle is easily achieved by simply tilting the set. Black level is as deep as can be without losing small details in the black, important for enjoying full-scale gradation in dark movie scenes whilst ‘out of the box’ the colours are well calibrated. Among an impressive set of ‘features’ you’ll find an old friend: Super Bit Mapping (SBM), initially introduced by Sony to improve the standard 16 bit CD quality. With Super Bit Mapping Video (SBMV), as used in this TV-set, the standard 8 bit video is processed with 14 bits with a visibly better colour gradation as a direct result. Faces especially benefit from this. Finally, you get 3D capability for free”.

BDP-S780: European Blu-ray Player of the year 2011-2012
S780 är en svårslagen Blu-ray-spelare för den som vill ha hög bildkvalitet och High Definition 3D. Tekniken IP Content Noise Reduction Pro och Super Bit Mapping stärker bildupplevelsen medan användaren kan navigera online eller styra spelaren med appen Media Remote.

EISA-juryns motivering
“As the first Sony Blu-ray player to benefit from an all-Sony chipset, the BDP-S780 succeeds in offering a new level of performance at this entry-level price. Its superb picture performance is aided in no small measure by Sony’s proprietary ‘image engine’ while the viewing experience is enhanced with access to an on-line Entertainment Database Browser. The player even converts 2D movies to 3D and features DLNA streaming via both wired and wireless networks. Fast loading times are a given, even with Java-heavy BDs, while the same transport also plays CD and SACD music discs. Skype-ready and equipped with a basic, in-built web browser, the BDP-S780 opens up a new world of entertainment in your home”.

Handycam HDR-PJ10E: European family Camcorder of the year 2011-2012
HDR-PJ10E har en inbyggd projektor som gör det möjligt att visa inspelat material direkt på en valfri, slät yta. Dessutom erbjuder denna Handycam klart och dynamiskt ljud med Clear Phase och digital S-Master-förstärkare.

EISA-juryns motivering
“The Sony Handycam HDR PJ10E is unique in offering customers a camcorder that is ready for shooting, easy automatic movie story creation and big screen presentation in a single product. The wide angle lens with powerful optical zoom, highly sensitive image CMOS sensor and excellent automatic system combine to make this camera extremely flexible in a great variety of shooting conditions. Stored in 16 GB of internal memory, content can be easily edited down for presentation as a short movie with added background music. A tiny but powerful built-in DLP-projector allows instant playback for the whole family to enjoy even projected on to a light coloured wall in a darkened room. This fantastic combined camcorder/projector is the best family-oriented product on the market today enabling the whole family to enjoy sharing their own movies instantly”.

Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V: European Compact Camera of the year 2011-2012
Liten och lätt kompaktkamera med DSLR-kvalitet. HX9V har flera innovativa egenskaper såsom Exmor R™ CMOS-sensor, Full HD-filmning, Intelligent Sweep Panorama, 3D-fotografering, Background Defocus och inbyggd GPS.

EISA-juryns motivering
“The Sony Cyber-shot DSC–HX9V is a powerful 16.2MP compact camera with a 16x (24-384mm) zoom lens. It records 1080/50p Full HD video and has built-in GPS and compass functions. This is a really feature-rich camera with a 10fps burst rate, a wide range of manual controls, 3D Sweep Panorama mode and an effective optical stabilization system. This new generation Cyber-shot camera brings high-quality photography to users at every level of experience”.

EISA är Europas största organisation inom multimedia och består av närmare 50 olika multimediamagasin från totalt 19 europeiska länder. 2011-2012 års bästa produkter utsågs av en jury bestående av journalister och oberoende tekniska experter. Årets EISA-awards presenteras i Berlin den 2 september.